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No Matter What You Have To Haul or rig, we've probably already
hauled or
rigged It!

Haggard Hauling & Rigging has handled just about every kind of hauling and rigging challenge you can imagine. And we must have inspired confidence along the way – because our customers keep calling us back again and again.

Special Talent With Common Sense

Our crews rely on a combination of special talent and everyday common sense to solve your unique hauling and rigging needs. Whether it’s performing a complicated rigging job, or moving bulky machinery across town, or spotting equipment on a 20-story roof – we’ve solved your kind of problems before.

Haggard Has The Necessary Resources

We combine our talents with hauling & rigging tools that let us tackle jobs ranging from the simple to the next-to-impossible. We operate a fleet of 20 trucks and tractors, 38 trailers & 7 cranes with  capacities up to a 275 ton hydraulic. We are licensed to work just about anywhere you need us. We have authority to haul in all states. We can act as your holding agent. Haggard has extensive space to store your pre-ordered equipment or materials either indoors or outdoors until you’re ready to have us deliver to the job site.

Some Of Our Services

Machinery Moving
Forklift Rental
Millwright Installation
Specialized Transportation
Foundations for Machinery
Plant Relocation
Crane Rental
System Installation
Custom Solutions

If you want your next hauling and rigging job done right the first time, then maybe you should call Haggard! Give us a call at 816-221-7840 or contact us by clicking the button below.

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